Hello world!

This is the mandatory welcome post that every blog has, in which one explains to the whole wide world the reasons behind starting this blog, like anyone actually cares! And while I can make fun of such things, I don’t actually not do them (which makes me somewhat a hypocrite, I know).

And so. This is going to be my travel blog, a place where I can write about the places I’ve visited, the people I met, the things I saw and the food I ate. Where I can pretend that I’m honing my skills as a future travel writer. Though it will be about my experiences during my travels, rather than travel tips and recommendations, though I hope to write those too (keeping the travel writer goal in mind, you see).

So I am a 26 year old, and I live in Bangalore with my boyfriend husband (I’m still to get used to saying that) and my potted plants (which unfortunately look like they are terminally ill, because of my neglect). I worked as a management consultant in the infrastructure/social sector for well over three years, and I quit my job recently to pursue an alternate career path (but since that perusal is not going so well right now, we shall not talk more about it).

I am currently working on an academic project, and preparing for an exam, but since that still leaves me enough time to do things I am better off not doing (I meant watching television and logging on to facebook…..what did you think?), I’ve decided that I will put that time to better use in writing about my travels, so that I can capture those experiences and memories before they fade into the distant past.

Travel is my passion. And like my dad never fails to remind me whenever I make that grandiloquent statement, it’s also the reason I never have anything in my bank account. That said and done, I’ve also been very lucky in getting to travel quite a bit, as a student and on work.

About five years ago, I spent four months in Belgium on a student exchange programme. I was 21 years old, and I bought a three month eurail pass and travelled across Europe. In the last 3 -4 years, I’ve been lucky to get to travel to the Asia – Pacific region quite a bit, both on work and for fun. Last year, my sister and I did an Eastern Europe trip, and later in the year, Nike (that’s the husband) and I explored a bit of the Mediterranean region on a cruise.

So yeah, I have been really lucky in getting to travel abroad so much. And I am also lucky to be in Bangalore, for it’s got so many great weekend getaways. We try to get out of Bangalore and explore a new place atleast once a month, and these shorts trips really rejuvenate me.

While I have travelled quite a bit in the south, I’m ashamed to say I’ve seen very little of the north. Apart from the metros, I’ve only been to Agra, Gwalior, Indore and Lucknow (and the last two on work!). And to Darjeeling and Sikkim. This Friday, Nike and I are off to spend a week in Himachal Pradesh. Rajasthan and Uttarakhand are next on my list.

So, thank you for dropping by, keep visiting, and I’m looking forward to sharing my travel experiences with you!

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