An Ode to the Pain au Chocolat

My first introduction to ‘pain au chocolat’ was when I was an exchange student in Brussels in 2005. Pain au chocolat translates literally into ‘bread with chocolate’ – it’s a rectangular croissant with chocolate filling – but that’s a very prosaic way of describing something that tastes like a slice of heaven. So there was this little bakery right opposite our apartment in Brussels, and I’d go there every morning and order a pain au chocolat and a hot chocolate, and walk to class, and that was the nicest way to start my day.

Since then, I have always longed for the pain au chocolat. I came across them again at my hotel in Cambodia (remember, they were a French colony) and on an Italian cruise ship – but nobody makes it quite like the French do.

So one of the things at the top of my list for Paris was to have pain au chocolat for breakfast. And I did, every single day. Not  but two. Yeah, TWO, EVERY SINGLE DAY. No wonder my mornings in Paris always started off on such a happy note. 

P.S: And I thought I would lose weight during this trip. Huh!

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8 Responses to An Ode to the Pain au Chocolat

  1. I’ve never been such a fan of pain au chocolat… I always felt there wasn’t enough chocolate 😉

  2. hAAthi says:

    Much as I love pain au chocolat, I have to say a plain warm buttery croissant trumps this one for me 😛 especially if its fresh out of a morning batch in a Parisian bakery.. you should see this if you haven’t already (and of course, only if it interests you)..
    I absolutely idolize and adore and love this man:
    I have a sneaky feeling though that I am late in sending this to you 😦

  3. Sanjana says:

    🙂 The french sure know how to woo your taste-buds don’t they!
    I gained a lot of weight in France!

  4. Savvypai says:

    Ah the pain au chocolats we had during Exhcange, even when we went to Rome 🙂 I remember cafes in Nice near college where I would eat in the short break, long break and also carry one home!

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