Days Four and Five: Come Rain or Shine

Nike decided to get up early for sunrise shots of the Eiffel Tower. It turned out to be a grey, rainy day but he got some great pictures nevertheless. I blissfully slept in, not caring for sunrises (or indeed for anything that disturbed my precious sleep).

It continued to rain throughout the morning so we stayed in and left the apartment only at lunch time. The rest of the day was spent running around travel agencies and railway stations, trying to buy train tickets from Bucharest, Romania to Sofi, Bulgaria – we needed to show tickets out of Romania to even be allowed into Romania!

I’d planned to visit the Musee d’Orsay that day (perfect for a rainy day, no?) but the stupid tickets took up the whole day, and by the time we reached the museum, it was closed. Sigh! We wandered across to the Jardin de Tulieries and eventually made our way to the Louvre pyramid. The rain, combined with the fact that the museum was closed, meant that we had the area pretty much to ourselves, so Nike got some rare pictures of the Louvre without its usual throngs.

Our friend Chan was hosting a dinner that night, since it was his birthday the next day. Nike was however running a fever, so he decided to skip the dinner and go home, and I went by myself. Chan had invited a wonderful bunch of people so the evening passed away quickly with great food and wonderful company. After dinner, the group decided to go pub hopping but I had a sick husband waiting for me, so I had to regretfully turn down the offer to go along with them (thus also letting down my bad wife image) and headed home to do the laundry instead (yes, exciting times, indeed!).

The weather gods decided to favour us on our last day in Paris: the day dawned bright, warm and sunny. The weather was perfect for the Jardin du Luxembourg! The gardens were absolutely gorgeous, with the trees shining orange, yellow, and red against the brilliant sunshine. Parisians turned out in full force to enjoy the weather: joggers were running to their own beat, an adorable group of girl scouts were having a meeting, a bunch of young people were playing basketball, parents played football with their kids. At the Orangerie, kids were renting miniature sailboats and putting them out to sail in the fountain, while their parents stretched out on the chairs and soaked in the sun.

We had a picnic lunch in the gardens (I’m a huge fan of picnic lunches – I’m always going “let’s we have a picnic lunch” if we so much as step outdoors at lunch time – and this was the perfect location and weather for a picnic lunch) and then stretched out on the seats and dozed off for a bit. It was a lovely Sunday afternoon! I am inspired to make a picnic lunch a monthly ritual once I am back home – though I should probably forget about this particular day if I want to keep my expectations realistic!

Our next stop was St. Chapelle. Nike wisely decided to sit this out – the lines to get in were really long; I spent more time standing in line than in visiting the chapel. The stained glass windows, which guidebooks were raving about, weren’t very impressive, in my opinion. And at a steep €8.50, the visit was simply not worth it!

We made our way to Berthillon for one last out-of-this-world ice-cream. I was quite disappointed to see that they had run out of mocha, but their other flavours are also incredible. We stood in line for almost half an hour for this (its the longest we had waited in line anywhere in Paris so far!) and I’d have happily waited for much longer for that ice-cream!

The last stop for the day was the Eiffel Tower. We just had a quick look from afar, as if to store the memory in our heads, and went home. We had spent a wonderful week in Paris – and we knew we would come back to this incredible, magical city again. So we’d said our goodbyes for now, but we will be back again. Au revoir!

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6 Responses to Days Four and Five: Come Rain or Shine

  1. hAAthi says:

    Gorgeous photos, just so good. I like that theyre not typically “touristy” and not typically “photographic” either (if you know what I mean).. they’re simple yet spectacular.

    And they make me want to go to Europe NOW.

  2. Sanjana says:

    Jardin du Luxembourg… how I loved the place! I remember just sitting at that quaint little cafe with a glass of wine and pretzels, listening to a school orchestra playing at the nearby pavilion. It was magical! 🙂

  3. anon2 says:

    where are you?!

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